'The Factor' Highlights the Dumbest Things of the Week

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BILL O'REILLY, HOST: In the "Back of the Book" segment tonight, a brand-new "Factor" feature called "The Dumbest Things of the Week," because as you know, I am a simple man. I like the concept because it is simple. Here now to present the massively dumb, radio host Faith Salie and FOX News correspondent Juliet Huddy.

All right, Huddy, you selected a Hillary Clinton situation, but not what Secretary of State Clinton said, but what was said about her trip to Africa? Roll the tape.

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ANDREA MITCHELL, "TODAY" SHOW: She had done 22 speeches and five interviews and she was exhausted and clearly, some would say, having a bad hair day. So not an easy day for Hillary Clinton.

TINA BROWN, THE DAILY BEAST: Think of it from the human point of view. I mean, she — she is in her second week. She is hot. She is feeling fat. She had this horrible business where she suddenly lost it a bit over the whole Bill thing.


O'REILLY: She's hot and feeling fat?

JULIET HUDDY, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: How does she know she's feeling fat? First of all, everybody is saying Hillary Clinton, they go immediately for the female things. You know, she's angry at Bill because he's having a party in Vegas for his birthday.


HUDDY: And she's jealous. Or, you know, it's PMS. Or she's having a bad hair day. Why does it immediately go to the female sort of sexist realm?

O'REILLY: All right. It's dumb because of the hair comment and the fat comment?

HUDDY: Yes. Yes. She's just — she's exhausted. She went over there for a very, very vital reason.


HUDDY: She's talking about gender. She's talking about rape.

O'REILLY: Why do women, Faith, pick up on hair and weight and all of this?

SALIE: That's a great question, because if a man ever said that, he would be pilloried.

O'REILLY: Whoa! Whoa!

HUDDY: Are you dieting?

SALIE: And Tina Brown says that she's a friend of Hillary's. I mean, even if that's true, you don't say that on TV. You say that to your gay best friend.

HUDDY: The fact is both she and Andrea Mitchell joking around about it, and it's sort of a few days later, but the fact is that immediately the media, the press went right for the sexist…

SALIE: And it was Andrea Mitchell talking to Meredith Vieira.

O'REILLY: It was dumb.

HUDDY: It was dumb.

O'REILLY: OK. So that's dumb No. 1. Here's dumb No. 2. As you may know, Heather Mills was married to Paul McCartney, and then they got divorced, and she got a lot of money. Now Faith, you have picked up something that Ms. Mills has said. What is that?

SALIE: Yes. Yes, so the "Dancing With the Stars," contestant, Lady McCartney, she compared herself to Gandhi.

O'REILLY: Mahatma Gandhi?

SALIE: Mahatma Gandhi. Now...

O'REILLY: Was he — was he divorced or married to Paul McCartney?

SALIE: I don't think so, Bill. But you know, she was an Indian spiritual leader, and they're both vegetarians, so there you go. No, she took it further, and she compared herself to Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

O'REILLY: In what context?

SALIE: She says they were people who went through controversy to put the truth forward, and they weren't afraid to fight, and I can relate to that completely.

O'REILLY: All right. So she — Heather Mills compared herself to Mahatma Gandhi.


O'REILLY: Malcolm X and who else?

SALIE: Gandhi. Oh sorry, and Martin Luther King.

O'REILLY: Martin Luther King Jr.


HUDDY: She had to fight "Page Six"…

O'REILLY: That's pretty dumb though, isn't it?


SALIE: She had to fight for $40 million. I was so upset for her. Why would that happen?

O'REILLY: We all agree that's pretty dumb.

HUDDY: That's dumb.

SALIE: Incredibly dumb. She needs more protein.

O'REILLY: That's dumb, too. All right. Now, here is my dumb nominee, and we touched upon this earlier this week, in fact. President Obama goes up to New Hampshire. He goes to a town hall meeting and they stack it with people who like him. There's nothing really wrong with that. I mean, if you're a president you don't want to walk into the Rush Limbaugh fan club, right? I mean, what does that — so you go, and they have people who like you, because you know what's going to be on TV. One of the people who liked the president is an 11-year-old girl. Roll the tape.



JULIA HALL, CITIZEN: Julia Hall from Malden, Massachusetts.

OBAMA: Nice to meet you, Julia.

HALL: I saw — as I was walking in, I saw a lot of signs outside saying mean things about reforming health care. How do kids know what is true, and why do people want a new system to that can — that will help more of us?

OBAMA: Well, I've seen some of those signs.


O'REILLY: Cute, right? The only problem is Julia's mother ran the Massachusetts for Obama campaign. It was a plant. Now, here's how dumb this is.

SALIE: No it wasn't.

HUDDY: It was the second question, by the way, of a very important town hall meeting.

O'REILLY: But here's how dumb it is. The Boston Globe, perhaps the most liberal newspaper on the face of the earth, 10 minutes later found out who the girl was and put it in the paper. How did they think they were ever going to get away with this?

HUDDY: I don't think they cared about getting away with it. The fact is there was no — there were no booing, there was no booing in the audience, the fact that everybody was cheering, you know…

O'REILLY: You don't — you think that the Obama campaign doesn't care that they planted an 11-year-old?

SALIE: They did not plant someone there. I actually spoke to Reed Charlotte (ph) in the White House press office. They did not plant that girl there. Just because her mother...

HUDDY: She walked in and said, "Mommy, the signs are so mean. I need to do something."

O'REILLY: You believe that?

SALIE: ...is so scared of speaking extemporaneously, that he chose an 11-year-old girl?

HUDDY: Are you joking right now?

O'REILLY: All of the questioners were chosen. And this...

SALIE: At random.

O'REILLY: Well, Faith, come on.

HUDDY: Believe that...

O'REILLY: Hold on. Hold on, hold on, hold on. Now I know why your name is Faith. She just showed up, ladies and gentlemen. She just put herself, threw those adults out of the way and got that microphone. All right. What's the dumbest of the three? Faith, dumbest of the three?

SALIE: I'm very competitive, but I'm actually going to go with Tina Brown.

O'REILLY: Tina Brown?


O'REILLY: Dumbest?

HUDDY: I go for the — little Julia.

O'REILLY: Little Julia? And I'm going with Heather Mills…


O'REILLY: …thinking she's Mahatma Gandhi. So it's a tie. All right, ladies. Thanks very much.

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