The Early Bird Doesn't Always Get the Worm

I'm an early bird.

I get up early.

I get to movies early and get my kids to events real early.

I'm early for meetings. Early for my show.

I'm not only punctual — I admit it — I'm pathetic.

I just love early. The problem is, my wife doesn't love early. And she comes from a long line of folks who apparently don't flip over early either.

I think a lot of them live in Iowa. Because, if these latest polls are right, the early birds just might not get the worm — or in this case, the win.

Mitt Romney was in Iowa long before any other Republican candidate — long before he even formally was a candidate. Jeez, it seems he lives there.

And for a good while, so did Hillary Clinton. Showing up at almost every diner — her husband at every diner she missed.

You'd think the early birds would be entitled to a special.

But Iowans don't seem to find them so special.

I suspect because Iowans actually hate early birds. Just because a lot of them get up very early themselves, doesn't mean they flip over those who try to rub it in.

Which is good news for relative latecomers like Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee and sadly confirms what my ever-tardy wife has long lectured: The movie doesn't end up any different if you show up late.

Which is what a lot of candidates will consider doing, four years from now.

Better late, I suspect, than never early… never again.

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