Here's the good news: We're all going to live 15 years longer.

Here's the bad news: We're all going to live 15 years longer.

That's what happens when you push preventative medicine, you prevent people from dying sooner. Good for those people. Bad for taxpayers, who I guess are those people.

Because the longer we live, in the end, the more we pay, and if a top doc at the American Medical Association is right, and we do indeed end up living 15 years longer, there are more of us living more years, and in the end, costing more dollars.

That's what happens when we're all healthier, when we're eating right, living right and stopping the stuff that's wrong. Sure we're getting all this later, but we're putting off dying earlier.

But think about that. Then what?

What happens if everything President Obama is trying to make happen happens? What if we're pushing ourselves more to live more and eat less?

So we live more and cost less? But only for awhile?

Then what?

Then, as I see it, we're a nation of former fat folks aging well but costing the system a doozie when suddenly we stop aging well. And we crash hard.

That's the problem with extending peoples' lives: you have more people, but you have more people whose healthy lives will end. And as I see it, all at about the same time. Wouldn't it be a kick, if it was exactly the same time?

Fifteen years from now we all croak in unison. We all suck up health care's greatest costs, those not so great final months of life, together.

That will be something.

And the bill for that? Man, that will be really something! I'd die to see it.

Wait a minute, I will!

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