The Difference Between Saying It and Doing It

What if I told you right now, right this minute, I'm going to lose 20 pounds?

You'd probably be thinking one of two things. I'd go for a lot more than 20, Cavuto. Or, who's to say you're going do it?


I can say anything I want. Doing it is another matter.

Take this Saddam Hussein weapons inspections news. Everyone's delighted and flabbergasted he's letting those U.N. guys back in. But last time I checked he only said he's going to let them in. Now he has to actually let them in, then keep them in, then keep letting them come back in.

If this guy's history is anything like mine with diets, just don't hold your breath.

I have a thing for Cheetos. He has a thing for cheating.

I have a thing for snacks of sweets. He has a thing for sleight of hand.

Here's the difference: When I cheat, I have only myself to blame. When he cheats, we have only us to blame. When I cheat, I get fat. When he cheats, we get antsy.

I'd like to take Saddam at his word. But just like me and diets, I've learned some people have an easier time eating their words than keeping them.

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