And now, they're gone. In Iowa, they're gone. All of them.

The caucus, done. Several candidates done too.

Headquarters closed.

Get-out-the-vote drive getting out the vote someplace else. Not Iowa.

The state John Edwards all but made home four years ago this day, dismissed this day. Forgotten this day.

I often wonder how Iowans feel about that. Candidates sucking up to them for years. Then gone.

Sucking up to other voters. In other states. Making other promises.

You'd think the voters in that state would want to follow up. And ask about those promises and that brief fling when they were all that.

Then they weren't.

When Iowa was it. Until New Hampshire. And after that, Michigan, or Florida.

And on and on.

Promises made in deep snow in deep doubt when the snow is gone, and the candidates are too.

I guess it's appropriate it all starts in a cornfield. Because in the end the only thing left is the corn in the field.

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