The Country is Watching the State of Vermont

The country is watching the state of Vermont. That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points" Memo.

A six-year-old girl is an American citizen. If that little girl is raped for four years by a 34-year-old criminal, and that criminal gets sentenced to 60 days in prison, which is what happened in Vermont, then that little girl's civil rights have been violated, as well as the rights of her family.

Vermont Judge Edward Cashman must be removed from the bench by the Vermont legislature. And at the same time, the federal government must look into the civil rights situation. Doesn't matter what color the little girl is. And I don't even know what color she is.

I got a little heated last night covering this story. I do not apologize for that. The two lawyers who objected to my criticism of Judge Cashman were talking theory, misguided, insensitive theory. I'm talking real life, the damaged life of a little girl.

In cases like this, theory walks. The girl's real. Her life has been devastated first by a rapist, then by a judge who sympathized with the rapist. Talk about sympathy for the devil.

Last year, nine-year old Jessica Lunsford's civil rights were violated in Florida. A cowardly prosecutor down there would not indict three people who allegedly helped the little girl's accused killer, John Couey.

The Feds told us they'd look into the matter. Apparently, they've dropped it. That cannot happen again in Vermont. There must be justice in this case or it will be an everlasting stigma on the state of Vermont.

America simply can't have men raping little girls and judges sentencing those men to 60 days in jail, period. We can't have this. That's not justice. There is no excuse. And every elected official in Vermont should be demanding the removal of Judge Edward Cashman right now.

Governor Jim Douglas is Vermont's leader. He has condemned Cashman's behavior, but doesn't believe the judge did enough to be impeached. Douglas did say Cashman should consider quitting.

Once again, “The Factor” calls on all the nation's governors to support mandatory minimum prison terms for child rapists and molesters. Florida's Jessica's Law is needed in all 50 states.

This country can no longer allow misguided judges like Edward Cashman to violate the rights of children in their courtrooms. Cashman has to go. And if he does not go, we will report to you every person who opposes action against him and will appeal to the good people of Vermont to rise up and demand immediate action.

And that is "The Memo."

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