The Cold Truth About the Southern Border

The cold truth about the southern border.

It seems the Dallas Morning News (search) is now going to issue some kind of correction after one of its columnists accused me in this broadcast of fostering hatred toward Mexican migrant workers. That is absolutely false. And we have the tapes to prove it.

What "Talking Points" does firmly believe is that both the U.S. and Mexican governments have been grossly derelict in their duty to enforce immigration laws. And that has put all of us in danger, especially the defense of migrants, who are exploited by all kinds of evil people.

When you have 10 million illegal aliens entering any society, you're going to have a rash of unintended consequences that will cause great suffering. The border states are chaos, crimes committed by illegals are a huge problem, neighborhoods and property values are impacted, culture differences can lead to violence, schools are overwhelmed trying to teach children who do not speak English. The list is endless.

And we haven't even mentioned the terrorists who can easily enter the USA through Mexico. That's because the Mexican government remains impotent. It cannot control corruption and is essentially a chaotic mess.

Even though Mexico (search) is blessed with oil and other fossil fuels, and beautiful coastlines that stimulate a lucrative tourist industry, the country cannot support its population. Therefore, Mexico's main industry right now is receiving dollars sent home by illegals working in America. How pathetic is that?

Mexico is not going to change anytime soon. President Fox knows his country's economy would collapse without the money generated by illegals. So he's not going to stop the migration.

Fox can't even stop the drug traffickers from controlling the border. The cities of Nuevo Laredo (search), Juarez, and Tijuana are run by the narco trafficantes. So far this year alone, there have been 137 murders in Nuevo Laredo, a city of 150,000. And those include cops, politicians, journalists. The dope dealers will kill anyone. They have no fear.

In Cuidad Juarez (search), an astounding 360 young women have been found murdered since 1993. Most of those killings remain unsolved.

Again, the Mexican government can't control crime. And it will not control immigration.

Now you would think our leaders in Washington would understand the grave danger the border situation poses for all Americans. But like Nero, Congress and the president fiddle while the border burns.

"Talking Points" has said it before. It will take another 9-11 before our elected leaders do what they're supposed to do — enforce the law on the southern border. There's simply no excuse for tons of narcotics and millions of illegals to continue flowing into the USA. No excuse.

That is the cold hard truth of the southern border. And all the bleeding hearts in the world can't change it. And that's “The Memo.”

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Four months after he was acquitted of child molestation charges, Michael Jackson (search) has received a jury summons, sent to his Neverland Ranch (search) in California. The problem is Jackson is living in Bahrain. Looks like Jackson won't have to show up. But wouldn't you love to have this guy on the jury? Maybe he'd wear pajamas. But then again, that might be, all together, ridiculous.

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