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When an aircraft crashes and lives are lost, lawsuits are soon to follow.

And so, a year after the crash of an Air France Concorde claimed 113 lives, a lawsuit is being filed on behalf of five Concorde crewmembers that perished in the accident.

But this lawsuit comes with a twist. Rather than targeting Air France and the makers of Concorde, attorney Michael Danko is going after Continental Airlines and the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

Danko believes that a Continental DC-10 may have left a metal strip lying on the runway at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport which gashed one of the Concorde's Goodyear tires, flinging rubber debris towards the jet’s fuel tanks.

But if successful, could this suit open the door for similar guilt-by-association claims?

Danko was quick to defend the grounds for his lawsuit.

"It's up to the manufacturer to make sure the tire is up to the job," Danko said, "in this case… the Goodyear tire was not."

Further, Danko blames Continental mechanics for failing to properly install a 17-inch metal wear strip on the Continental jet.

"Every aviation mechanic knows the job he is doing is important," Danko said, "if he does a sloppy job, people are going to get hurt… they need to be held responsible and accountable for their actions."

Here’s what you had to say about the issue:

Last time I checked, sharp pointy metal objects punctured pressured tires.  When a pressured tire gets sliced at high speeds, it is going to explode.  Don't they teach that in second grade?  This guy needs a basic physics class.  If this guy wants a stupid lawsuit, he should sue Campbells because their soup spills when it crashes into the ground.
Visalia, CA

Mr Danko is not-so-artfully dodging the main point: the defect is purely with the Concorde's design. The solution has already been addressed, although as an engineer i believe their "fix" is somewhat weak. A good design comprehends potential failures and minimizes their impact. The Concorde could not handle a rather typical occurrence that would not have damaged other better designed aircraft.  As a lawyer, Mr Danko is simply casting about for deep pockets. No wonder people hate lawyers.
Ken W.

The question that needs asked is: did the tires work as designed and accepted, if so tell Mr. danko to get lost. Spend his time helping people who have a real claim with defective products.
Irwin, PA

Great, another new and innovative way to sue... All these lawsuits trickle down to only hurt the consumer & the lowest level employees in manufacturing. Attorneys need to realize that we are the ones that suffer from the big commissions they get from lawsuits.
Robbie C.
Canton, TX

This man is a jerk and needs a shave.  Please issue razors to your unshaven male guests.
Bill T.

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