The Bin Laden Factor

This whole Usama bin Laden (search) thing has become a very contentious issue among the Kerry folks. One campaign official going so far as to say it'll be a cold day in hell before a Kerry spokesman makes his or her way on my show again.

Video: Click here to see what the fuss is about and watch the entire exchange from Friday's show

And it's all over an innocuous remark, in an analysis segment, on an analysis show, where we don't get super-serious and more often than not aren't afraid to get a little humorous. Not so our humorless critics, who seem to have selective memory.

Forgotten were comments about how bin Laden's remarks could hurt the president, reminding voters the mastermind behind Sept. 11 (search) still hasn't been captured.

Forgotten as well, the many Democrats featured on this program to express their views.

Ask Roger Altman if he was ever treated un-fairly on this show -- or Nancy Pelosi; or Tom Daschle; or Dick Gephardt; or Al Sharpton; or Bob Rubin; or Bobby Kennedy Jr.; or Laura Tyson; or Mac MacLarty; or Gregg Hymowitz; or big Kerry corporate backers like Leo Hindery and Alan Patricof.

No, no one remembers that stuff, or that one of the "only" full-length interviews Bill Clinton (search) did with this network when he was president, he did... with me.

No one mentions that I was even an intern in the Carter administration.

Take a bias, assume a bias and run with it.

Nowhere in the criticism of this remark did I hear a cry of foul over a Democratic operative sometime back comparing President Bush to Adolph Hitler -- and that guy was serious.

Methinks someone's being selectively thin-skinned. Take it from someone who quite literally and figuratively is not:

I've been through enough in my life to not pay attention to the absurdities in life -- like threats from Democrats who now say they will boycott my show.

Go ahead. Boycott me.

Fair and balanced, I'll continue to invite you and I'll let my viewers know when you decline, each. and every time you do.

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