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Topics and Guests for Tuesday,
Nov. 5

With control of the Senate at stake and all House seats up for grabs, Democrats and Republicans have given it their all this week in a last-minute campaign push. Now it's time for the voters to have their say!

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•  Some candidates and their lawyers are already gearing up for post-Election Day challenges. There are legal issues looming in several states. FNC senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano will explain.

•  Missouri Sen. Jean Carnahan is trying to win her first-ever election, two years after replacing her late husband in office. She's up against Republican challenger Jim Talent. Will she prevail?

•  Coming into today, one if four California voters said they had not decided who they wanted for governor. Democratic incumbent Gray Davis is up against Republican businessman Bill Simon. We'll review...

Plus — Jeb Bush is trying to become Florida's first Republican governor to win re-election. Democrat Bill McBride is trying to knock the president's brother out of office. Who will go home the winner?

Other guests include:

•  Craig Fuller, former chief of staff to Vice President George Bush
•  Richard Fisher, former deputy U.S. trade representative
•  Alex Pelosi, filmed Journeys With George

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