The BBC's Warped Way of Thinking

Now it's time for 'My Word'...

Time magazine has named George W. Bush (search) its person of the year.

There are a bunch of reasons for the Time editors to have seen this as a good choice... Bush did win the election. Plus... Time, Newsweek, all the major dailies and all the major networks were trying to get him tossed out of office, so he overcame some powerful odds.

But Monday morning I was listening to the BBC World Service — that's the radio operation that reaches something like 150 million people a day — and they were interviewing a Time magazine representative, who was on the defensive about their person of the year.

After all — Bush led an illegal war, turned America into a rogue nation, angered everybody on the planet except for 59 million Americans...

Bush is — in my opinion of the BBC's estimation of him — unworldly, unworthy, mentally slow (which is another way of saying stupid) and overall not the sort of guy who should be leader of the free world

So the Time magazine guy actually had to remind the BBC audience that Time once named Ayatollah Khomeini (search) as its person of the year. He further reminded them that this wasn't an award, like an Oscar — just a recognition. The Ayatollah Khomeini was a huge newsmaker that year, and his influence on the world could not be ignored.

Same with President Bush. See?

I suppose that made sense to the BBC audience. Bush, Ayatollah... all the same thing.

Now remember the BBC stuck an arm of the British government on me for saying that the BBC is anti-American? They manged to get me censured in Britain.

Far be it from me to make the Beeb angry again... but Bush and the Ayatollah put in the same category? Isn't that the definition of warped?

And that's My Word.

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