The Battle for Arab Democracy

Sat., June 3 at 10 p.m. ET
Hosted by Brit Hume and Dennis Ross

If there is one point on which the Bush administration and its critics agree, it is this: We cannot win the War on Terror only by military means.

Killing terrorists and stopping them before they can attack us is essential. But how do we make sure that more terrorists aren’t recruited?

This weekend, join FOX News as Brit Hume and renowned Middle East expert Dennis Ross examine the policy of promoting democracy in the Arab world as one of the best weapons at our disposal in the War on Terror: Free the tens of millions of Arabs living under the oppression of corrupt and brutal regimes and many will turn away from fanaticisim bred by resentment and hopelessness.

However, recent attempts to bring democratic ideals have encountered troubling setbacks with the recent win of the terrorist organization Hamas in the Palestinian Authority, gains by the Muslim brotherhood in elections in Egypt and other nations, and the relentless attacks against American soldiers putting their lives on the line to bring democracy to Iraq.

How do we ensure that the democratic process is not hijacked by the very people who hate us?