The ACLU Has Gone Over the Line

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The ACLU has gone over the line. That is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.

Last night, we told you about a Georgia school district where the ACLU threatened an expensive lawsuit if the words "Christmas holiday" were included on the school calendar. That is simply unacceptable in a free society.

The ACLU has now become a fascist organization that is imposing a perverted interpretation of the Constitution upon the American people.

The ACLU knows there are enough loony judges in this country who will go along with their subversive agenda to make it worthwhile filing these kinds of intrusive lawsuits.

Once again, I used to be a major supporter of the ACLU. I make my living using the right of freedom of speech. But now I'm calling for intense scrutiny of that organization.

Remember, the ACLU is representing the North American Man-Boy Love Association. It is now browbeating small towns and school boards into eliminating any mention of a federal holiday, Christmas. And it is causing the families of crime victims intense pain by demanding irrational privileges for vicious killers.

Upcoming on The Factor this evening, we'll report on the ACLU in Arizona, which has convinced a federal judge to void a state law saying it is illegal to provide convicts with Internet services. You're not going to believe this story. And it is in yet another example of how the ACLU is using its power to bring pain and damaging policy to the citizens of this country.

Now, I've had enough. And as a news analyst, I'm lucky enough to be able to point an editorial finger at institutions and people whom I believe are hurting America. Right now, the ACLU is at the top of my list, much more to come.

And that's The Memo .

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day..."

One of our wishes for 2003 is that Jesse Jackson will take the bold step of entering the no-spin zone. Of course, we are dreamers here, but Jackson is getting closer. He talked with our pal, Shepard Smith, earlier this week.


SHEPARD SMITH, FOX ANCHOR: I watch my friend, Bill O'Reilly each night, and he's -- he's led a campaign to expose some of the things within your own organization. When and if will you appear on The O'Reilly Factor ?

JESSE JACKSON, RAINBOW/PUSH COALITION: See, this sess -- this is about Trent Lott. It's not about O'Reilly and not...

SMITH: It was about Trent Lott, and you went off to talk about the rest of the Republican Party and the president, so I felt it might be fair to ask if you'd be willing to appear on The O'Reilly Factor.

JACKSON: Well, good for you. I have no interest, and I will determine what shows I will appear on and when and what I want to talk about.


O'REILLY: Well, I don't think the reverend likes me, which may or may not be ridiculous, depending on your point of view. But he is always welcome. We'll give him the whole hour if he wants to go into The [No Spin] Zone.

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