Texas Teenager With Bullet Lodged in Head Pleads Guilty in Used Car Lot Shooting

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A teenager with a bullet lodged in his forehead that police wanted removed in order to prove he tried to kill the owner of a used-car lot pleaded guilty Monday in Beaumont.

Investigators say that 19-year-old Joshua Bush was part of a group of gang members who broke into a Port Arthur used car lot in July 2006.

According to police, Bush tried to shoot businessman Alan Olive. Police say that when Olive returned fire, a bullet struck the teenager. Bush had claimed he had been accidentally shot by a friend.

Police and Jefferson County prosecutors wanted doctors to extract the bullet from Bush's forehead. But Bush and his attorney fought the removal.

Bush was set to go to trial Monday on various charges connected to the robbery and shooting.

Before jury selection began, Bush pleaded guilty to charges of aggravated assault and deadly conduct, according to Beaumont television station KFDM.

The Beaumont Enterprise reported that the deal with prosecutors caps his punishment at 10 years in prison.

Bush is set to be sentenced on June 13.