Texas Skydiver Found Dead 2 Days After Fatal Jump

A missing skydiver thought to have gone home after not returning from a jump was found dead two days after his parachute apparently failed to open, authorities said.

Scott Bell, 35, was found Friday in an overgrown field about a mile from the Skydive Spaceland hangar where he worked, Brazoria County Sheriff's Lt. Russ Baker said. The maintenance worker had jumped Wednesday.

Bell lived in a trailer on the company's property. Baker said co-workers didn't find it unusual when they didn't see Bell following the jump.

"On the last jump of the day, a lot of guys just go home," he said.

A search for Bell began Friday after a pilot spotted what appeared to be a canopy in the field, Skydive Spaceland staff attorney Lee McMillian said. Bell's chute apparently failed to open and the backup malfunctioned, he said.

Rosharon is about 35 miles south of Houston.