A mother of nine who was arrested after authorities found a dead fetus stored in the refrigerator of her filthy home is headed to prison for 10 years on that charge and 12 years on other child endangerment charges.

Gloria Ramirez, who is pregnant, was convicted on Thursday of child injury and endangerment. She looked down as the sentence was read Friday.

Ramirez received 10 years on the child injury conviction and two years for each of six endangerment charges. They'll be served concurrently.

Police came to the 28-year-old's home in 2007 after her common-law husband called a funeral home about a casket for a stillborn infant. The fetus had been placed in a baby wipe box in a refrigerator.

Authorities found rodents, roaches, dirty diapers, moldy food and trash covering most of the home's floors.