Texas Mom Uses Barbecue Meat Fork to Catch Alleged Child Rapist

"He was well done."

That's what one woman said Monday after helping her son apprehend an alleged child rapist using her barbecue meat fork.

"I stuck him in his butt!" Linda Rhodes told MyFOXdfw.com, explaining how she and her son John Jennings apprehended the 17-year-old suspect Friday night in Garland, Texas.

Click here to watch the video report from MyFOXdfw.com.

Jennings was barbecuing chicken when he heard a 7-year-old boy calling for help. He said he saw the suspect, Deshaun Ridge, on top of the child, allegedly raping the boy.

"He stood up, and I just punched him right in the face," Jennings said. "He put his hands up and I grabbed him, and we went fighting."

Rhodes called police and then jumped into the fight to help her son apprehend the suspect. They held Ridge until police arrived.

"They were citizens that jumped in, most definitely, and did a good deed," Joe Harn, a spokesman for the Garland Police Department, told MyFOXdfw.com. "These people are heroes."

Click here to watch the video report from MyFOXdfw.com.