A jury is deliberating the fate of a 53-year-old suburban Dallas man convicted on aggravated assault charges for knowingly infecting six women with the virus that causes AIDS.

Philippe Padieu faces five to 99 years in prison on each of the six counts.

Since HIV is the virus that causes AIDS, Collin County prosecutors claim Padieu's bodily fluids were a deadly weapon.

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Assistant District Attorney Lisa King told jurors on Friday that Padieu deserves a life sentence because he gave the women a death sentence.

Defense attorney Bennie House said Padieu may have made some mistakes as a "modern day Casanova," but he did not intentionally spread the virus. He says a 20-year sentence would be fair.

Padieu is a former martial arts instructor from Frisco who tested positive for HIV in September 2005, but continued to have unprotected sex.