Terry Nichols' father firmly believes his son was framed by the federal government in the Oklahoma City bombing case.

And Robert Nichols thinks Timothy McVeigh, 33, who is set to die by lethal injection May 16, is innocent of the crime, too.

"What happened is not what the government said happened," Robert Nichols told Fox News in an exclusive interview. "Oklahoma City was somebody else's target in my mind. Timothy McVeigh just got caught up in it. (And my son) got dragged into it. Terry is the one that is the victim in this point in time."

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Terry Nichols wasn't in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. But just two days after the bombing, federal agents raided the Nichols' farm in Decker, Mich. The government knew McVeigh and Nichols were old army buddies who had tinkered with explosives on the farm.

Nichols' older brother, James, was questioned during the raid and subsequently arrested for having guns and bomb-making materials. Authorities held him in custody for more than a month.

"You know, they had not one iota, not one shred of evidence that I had done anything wrong," James Nichols claimed.

Terry Nichols was in Kansas at the time of the raid, and heard about it on the radio.

"Terry hopped into his pickup with his wife and his daughter, went to the police department and said, 'Hey, I hear you are looking for me. Here I am.'" James said.

Terry was taken into custody as a material witness, while officials scoured his home in Kansas, looking for clues that tied him to the bombing. He was tried in 1997 and found guilty in federal court of conspiracy to murder for helping McVeigh pull off the massacre.

Now, Terry Nichols is facing murder charges in Oklahoma state courts. If convicted, he could soon find himself following McVeigh to the death chamber.

"You feel helpless," Robert Nichols said. "But there is nothing much that you can do."

Fox News' Cherie Grzech contributed to this report.

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