Terror Threat: Changes to Airline Ticketing Policies

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Some air carriers are making adjustments to existing ticketing policies in order to accommodate passengers traveling to/from/through the United Kingdom who want to adjust their plans. The following is a summary of the temporary policy changes. Policies are subject to more change as the situation develops.

American Airlines:

American Airlines has said that for customers traveling to, from or through the U.K., the airline will issue travel vouchers or non-refundable tickets to those who choose not to travel. Travelers can also change their date of travel to as late as September 1, 2006. Customers wishing to change their destination must do so before September 1.

American also announced the cancellation of six flights, three to London from the U.S., and three in the opposite direction, as well.

Click here to visit American's advisory page.

British Airways

Customers due to depart from U.K. airports who do not wish to travel today or tomorrow can re-book up until Dec. 1, 2006, or obtain a refund.

If your flight has been canceled you may be able to use ba.com to change or refund your booking.

Customers with the following types of ticket will not be able to re-book or refund online:-
· Paper ticket
· An executive club redemption ticket
· If there are any other carriers in the booking
· Tickets with more than 6 passengers
· Bookings that include any open sectors
· If there is an unaccompanied minor in the booking
· If it is a journey which involves connecting through an intermediate airport
· If you made your booking through a travel agent you will not be able to get a refund online but should contact your travel agent

Click here to visit British Airway's advisory page.

Continental Airlines:

Customers due to depart U.K. airports for the U.S., and those due to depart from the U.S. for the U.K. who do not wish to travel today or tomorrow can make a day change to travel, at no extra charge, up until August 24, 2006. No refunds are being offered at this time.

Click here to visit Continental's advisory page.

United Airlines:

United has revised its ticket policy for flights to and from any U.K. airports, through September 1:

For those already in the midst of their travels, United will waive rules and restrictions pertaining to any one change to the customer’s itinerary, though origin and destination cities must remain the same. Customers who have not yet begun their travels can make one adjustment to their itinerary free from fees.

United has said that only those customers whose flights have already been canceled will receive full refunds.

Click here to visit United's advisory page.