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Wow! The “DaySide” e-mail account is overflowing with comments about the Muslim (foreign exchange) college student who has been flunked by his professor — and allegedly told to see a shrink — for professing pro-American views. I've included some of your e-mails further down in this blog. (We'll update this story Wednesday.)

Also on Wednesday, we'll have a debate between Susan Estrich and Ed Rogers on what's happening with the Condi Rice nomination (search). Feel free to chime in — send all e-mails to me at: dayside@foxnews.com.

Something else we're focusing on is joint research just done by People Magazine (search) and NBC (search) on young teens and sex. Here are some of the findings:

—Twenty-seven percent of kids ages 13-16 say they've been with someone in an intimate or sexual way (fondling, oral sex, intercourse).

—Sixty percent of teens in the suburbs say you're still a virgin if you've had oral sex. Only 45 percent of urban teens say so.

—Teens whose parents are not religious are more likely to be sexually active (39 percent), than those whose parents actively go to church (26 percent).

Let me know what you think of these findings. Do you agree? What is it like among teens where you live? We'll have a pediatrician involved in this study on the show Wednesday.

Now back to Tuesday's show, and the fiery responses to Ahmed Al Qlooshi's complaint against his professor at Foothill College (search) in California, after this professor told him to seek psychotherapy when he expressed pro-American views in his final exam. I've gotten e-mails from former students of Foothill College, but other schools as well, with similar accounts of bias and intimidation:

E-mail No. 1:

Dear Linda and Dayside staff, I literally gasped when I heard this story. I attended Foothill CC over 10 years ago and had the same instructor [Woolcock]. (And yes, I have the transcript to prove it... The class is structured to believe a modified Marxist government is better than capitalism... From the first day of class, I knew I was in trouble. Some of the students dropped the class, but I needed it to complete my transfer to San Jose State. I was trapped in a quarter-long brainwashing session and I challenged him at every turn... Although there were other complaints, Foothill continues to ignore it and allows it to happen...
— Dave Perez, Placerville, CA

E-mail No. 2:

I attend a private Catholic college in California. Even here, liberalism is running rampant... I have a history professor who is an anti-Bush gal, something she let us all know in class... She also had us read many anti-Ronald Reagan articles in class. Will this ever stop?
— Jennifer Grant, Pleasanton, CA

E-mail No. 3:

I understand and sympathize with Ahmed. I have been in the military for 6 ears, a veteran of the Iraq war and former special operations sniper. I am also a student at Florida State University... The majority of students in my class and professors have extreme liberal views. I am continually torn between writing formal papers that hold true to my beliefs and delivering a paper that will receive a good grade. If I express view of pro-US involvement in the Middle East my grades are far lower than if I express discontent with the current administration."

E-mail No. 4:

I just heard your report about the Kuwaiti student… I attended De Anza Community College and graduated from San Jose State University. I also had a teacher give me a bad grade on a paper because she did not like my political views. She asked my opinion on the use of military force and then proceeded to give me a bad grade and wrote "totally untrue" on my paper. After that, I learned to avoid giving her my opinion so she could not flunk me..."
— Laura Wilson, California

I am getting similar reports from colleges in Minnesota, Alabama and Pennsylvania; do you know of others? Let me know.

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