Ted Turner: Israel Is Guilty of Terrorism

And now the most intriguing two minutes in television, the latest from the wartime grapevine:

Turner's Views Are Not CNN's
CNN founder Ted Turner says Israel is guilty of terrorism. In an interview with the leftist British newspaper The Guardian, Turner said, "The Palestinians are fighting with human suicide bombers, that's all they have. The Israelis...they've got one of the most powerful military machines in the world. The Palestinians have nothing. So who are the terrorists? I would make a case that both sides are involved in terrorism." Daniel Seaman, an Israeli government spokesman, responded, "My only advice to Ted Turner is if people assume you are stupid, it is best to keep your mouth shut rather than open your mouth and confirm everyone in that view." CNN said today that Turner's views were strictly his own and not the network's. A CNN anchor then read a statement from Turner himself.


KYRA PHILLIPS, CNN ANCHOR: "I believe the Israeli government has used excessive force to defend itself, but that is not the same as intentionally targeting and killing civilians with suicide bombers. I truly hope there will be a peaceful and prompt resolution to the conflict in the Middle East and I am pained by the loss of life on both sides."

That just given to me by Ted Turner.


Monitoring Muslim Clerics
The Justice Ministry in the Netherlands has begun a criminal investigation into Muslim clerics in that country for inciting violence from their pulpits. The London Telegraph reports that the action was prompted when leading Imams in three cities were caught on tape calling for "destruction of the enemies of Islam" and urging Muslims to disobey Dutch law. The clerics also praised suicide murderers and denounced President Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The Dutch constitution protects freedom of speech and religion, but also speaks of responsibility to uphold the law of the land.

Chew on This
Meanwhile, here in the United States, the American Muslim Council, whose former executive director has publicly declared himself a supporter of both Hamas and Hezbollah, will have FBI director Robert Mueller as a lunch guest. And FBI spokesman has described the AMC as "the most mainstream Muslim group in the United States." This despite former executive director Abdurahman Alamoudi's praise of terrorist groups in a rally outside the White House two years ago, and despite the fact that George W. Bush returned a $1,000 campaign contribution from the group.