'Tea-Baggers' Take Massachusetts for Brown

Remember how hilarious the whole "tea-bagging" thing was? Those other networks had a field day, and there was no one better at denigrating those silly folks with signs, than Rachel Maddow:


RACHEL MADDOW, MSNBC HOST: Is he not considered a true tea-bagger by the movement?

Mass-organized, public tea-bagging.

The tea-bagging of Congress.

He is being tea-bagged while doing so. The message will be a bit muffled.

Tea-bag Obama, tea-bag Obama.

Eager tea-baggers were also turned away when they tried to teabag the Treasury Department without a permit.

Tea-bag Arlen Spector, tea-bag John McCain.

When someone tried to spoil that tea-baggin' in the park fun by tea-bagging the White House lawn.


We're tea-baggers and you're not and we're, therefore, the future.


She got a real kick out of that word. Now fast forward to last night where we have more uproarious footage of Rachel:


MADDOW: We're now hearing in terms of the United States Senate race here in Massachusetts that the AP is now projecting that Scott Brown is the winner of the Massachusetts United States Senate Race.

Again, this is an AP projection. Associated Press now projecting that Scott Brown is the winner of the Massachusetts Senate Race to replace the late Ted Kennedy. Again, this is an AP projection, Nora O'Donnell has confirmed that Martha Coakley has called Scott Brown to concede the race.


Sorry, I guess "uproarious" isn't the right word — "down-roarious?" Yeah, she's definitely "down-roarious."

Anyway, I might quote Morrissey and say the joke isn't funny anymore, but I'm thinking: No, the party's just getting started.

See, now is the time for the tea party movement to embrace the "teabag" moniker, for it's that silly slur that helped amp the angst leading to Scott Brown's huge win.

Fact is, the phrase "teabag" is a profound symbol of the disconnect between elitist jackasses and the rest of America. Every time an MSNBC host snickered about "tea-bagging," it reminded everyone else that the media won't take you seriously if you reject their liberal assumptions.

Plus, the media only likes protestors if they look like protestors: Anti-war T-shirt in place, earnest look on your face. Oh, and don't forget the $200 cushioned, air-bubbled jogging shoes. Plus, if you're going to protest, it better be about crap the media cares about: Saving the planet, no nukes, flat mimosas at brunch. But protesting the lefty expansion of government? That just won't cut it.

Anyway, Maddow and her ilk learned a key lesson last night: That calling folks tea-baggers only helps them teabag you.

And if you disagree with me, you're probably not a tea-bagger.

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