Obviously this whole locked door thing hit a nerve. For good reason: Locked doors — closed doors — say a lot. In this case, not to say a lot to us.

Closed doors are meant to keep people out and a select group in.

When your boss's door is closed, that's bad. I figure he's talking about me and that isn't good. Because if there's a closed door meeting and you're not invited, guess what? You don't matter. Everyone else behind that door does.

That's the signal you send with a closed door. And folks get pretty upset. Some, get really upset. Some even go on rampages to break the door down and you while they're at it.

Closed doors make people do crazy things, because folks on the outside always want to be on the inside. And they're worried they're not. And if they're taxpayers, they're doubly insulted they're not.

Because not only are they offended they're not not invited, they just found out they're picking up the lunch tab for the ones who are.

How's that for a kick?

The guys inside are telling them not to let the screen door hit them on the way out. But they're not even inside to let the screen door hit them in the first place.

And to add insult to injury, the damn thing's not a screen door either. It's a big 10-foot high cherry wood one. And it's locked.

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