Tax Tip: Relief for Victims

Tax season is taxing enough for most of us.  But it's a far more daunting task for the thousands of American families affected by the terrorist attacks.

Though the government is helping to make things a little easier.

The Victims of Terrorist Tax Relief Act of 2001 provides major breaks for those hit by the Oklahoma City bombing, the September 11 terrorist attacks and the anthrax attacks.

Check out IRS Publication 39-20 for details. Among them you'll find that:

• The IRS forgives the income tax liabilities of those killed

• The agency provides tax-free treatment for some forms of disaster relief including payments from the September 11 Victims Compensation Fund

• The IRS also postpones a number of deadlines

You can access Publication 39-20 on the IRS Web site at or call 1-800-tax-form (800-829-3676) for a printed copy.