Tax-Cut Naysayers Are Wrong

I wish I had a dollar for every critic of every tax cut this nation has ever known.

Each cut was supposed kill our economy and kill our growth. Wrong and wrong.

Let me let you in on a dirty little secret, all you big government lovers: tax cuts provide more dough for government. That's right: taxes go down, tax revenues go up.

It happened when John Kennedy's tax cuts went through. It happened when Ronald Reagan's tax cuts went through. And it happened when this president's went through.

Just today, we learned the government's budget deficit is shrinking. That's right — shrinking. It's about $125 billion less than the $425 billion we estimated just a few months ago. It's more than $200 big ones less than we calculated only a year ago.

You know why?

Because corporate tax receipts are up 26 percent and fat cat tax receipts are up almost as much. The same two groups we thought were hogging the tax cut kitty, are the ones paying for the kitty.

Why? Because that's what happens when you cut taxes: you stimulate growth and investment and jobs. Companies that save more, spend more and hire more, which means more tax revenues for Uncle Sam. A lot more.

Look, we've got problems, but tax cuts aren't one of them. Government spending is. Trouble is, the more Uncle Sam takes in, the more he spends. That's what creates deficits.

And for that I blame Republicans who run the show, for spending like drunken sailors at a show. The only difference is, the sailors are spending their own dough. These guys are spending ours.

So cut the spending, yes. But cut the gibberish on tax cuts, first. They work. Decades-old class warfare games clearly do not.

I didn't say that. Today, its chief beneficiary did. He's a relative you might know. His name: Uncle Sam.

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