The following recalls have been announced:


— About 82,000 plush baby rattles, manufactured in China and imported by Target, because they can break open and release small beads, which pose a choking hazard for young children. The plush rattles resemble a white baseball, a brown football and an orange basketball. No injuries have been reported.

Details: by phone: 800-440-0680; by Web: http://www.target.com or http://www.cpsc.gov.


— About 5,200 Cook's Essential electric toasters, manufactured in China, distributed by Salton Inc. and sold by QVC Inc. The toaster can turn on spontaneously, without bread pushing the slots down, posing a potential fire hazard, especially if items are sitting on top of the toaster.

QVC has received 10 reports of toasters turning on in this manner, including one incident of fire damage to kitchen cabinets. No injuries have been reported.

Details: by phone at 800-367-9444; by Web:http://www.esalton.com or http://www.cpsc.gov.