Tally Ho!

On my show Thursday, you heard FOX News' Douglas Kennedy's report on PETA (search) and the troubles they are having once somebody turns the tables on them. It reminded me of how the PETA folks — along with some others — have managed to get fox hunting (search) banned in Great Britain.

Of course the Brits have their hearts on their sleeves about everybody and everything: What did you do for tsunami victims today; what did you do for AIDS today, what did you do for Africa today?

This jihad was about those cute red foxes, which, it turns out, have become an enormous pest in Britain because there are no wolves around anymore to eat them.

Anyway, in the British countryside they've been hunting foxes for a long time using packs of hounds chasing the fox and a bunch of stuffy Brits on horses chasing the hounds.

And it turns out the ban wasn't so much to save the cute little fox, but to stick it to the rich people who have the money and time to saddle up and chase the dogs chasing the fox.

In Texas, where I have a small ranch, we have a coyote problem. They come around and grab your cat, or dog if they can. People try to shoot them, but they hide during the day. Or they get a donkey put it in the field and he'll chase them down and stomp them to death.

While they ban hunting foxes in Britain, in Texas the law says you can hunt and kill coyotes at any time by any means.

If an Iraqi insurgent came to Texas, I guess technically he could use his RPG to blow up coyotes and nobody would care. It would be legal.

So you were wondering about the differences between us and the Brits? Here you have it in a nutshell:

We say shoot the coyotes — use landmines if you want.

The Brits won't let you hunt a fox — not that they care about the fox, but because hunting foxes is what rich people do and so they're against it.

That's My Word.

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