Talking Points: Straight Talk on America's Energy Crunch

Some straight talk about how our leaders on both sides have let us down once again, this time on the energy situation.

The Clinton administration knew more than two years ago that oil and gas prices were going to rocket, because OPEC decided to cut production. Mr. Clinton did not warn Americans, nor did he confront OPEC because he wanted a Mid-East peace agreement that would put him up for the Nobel Peace Prize.

President Clinton also knew that California was running out of electricity, but again kept silent allowing that state to plunge itself into chaos.

Inexplicably, the Clinton administration allowed California to be price gouged by out of state power companies — the federal government could have controlled that.

President Bush is in no hurry to help California because that state is solidly against his policies and the energy situation there is solely the fault of foolish state politicians and the people who continue to vote for them.

The problem is that California is the most powerful state in the union and their problems will impact the national economy.

The American worker is really getting smashed. Not only are we paying more for every bit of energy we use but the corporations are passing their increased energy costs on to us the consumers. It is only a matter of time until inflation ticks up because we are now paying more for everything.

And your paycheck is not rising to meet the added expense.

Talking Points would once again like to point out that our federal government is very rarely open and honest with the citizenry. Bill Clinton played the game of calculating just how long he would be in office and left a huge energy mess when he left.

That is undeniable and that has to be part of his legacy.

The question now is, what do we do? There is no question that America has to be more aggressive in finding energy sources and helping the consumer. I think President Bush was wrong in not suspending the federal gasoline tax until Labor Day.

But Mr. Bush's long-term vision of developing fuel cells, ethanol and other forms of power is right on. But until those things become a reality we must find all the natural gas and oil we can and that means drilling in sensitive areas while imposing strict environmental oversight.

Finally, nuclear power is not an option anymore — it is a must. If the socialist country of France, not exactly a model of efficiency, can get 80 percent of it's power from nuclear sites than we can too. Once again, with strict — and I mean strict — environmental oversight.

These are black days for the green movement, as Americans can not take too many more price hikes in vital areas. President Bush must correct the terrible mistakes of Bill Clinton and he's got to do it fast.

And that's the memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

As you know your humble correspondent is not a big fan of Bill Clinton. But I do believe Mr. Clinton and every American should be treated with respect.

In Poland some idiot threw an egg at Mr. Clinton causing some tense moments. The 19-year-old egg-thrower was arrested and Mr. Clinton continued his tour of Warsaw's old town in a dignified manner.

There is no place for this kind of thing in Poland or anywhere else — it is ridiculous. And I hope that guy spends a few days in a musty cell someplace.

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