Talking Points: High Taxes are Hurting Children

The Talking Points memo this evening zeros in on how high taxes in America are hurting children.

Researchers have learned that kids who go to daycare are three times more likely to have behavioral problems in kindergarten than kids who stay home. We'll have a report on that in just a few minutes.

But the point is that millions of American mothers have to work — they have to — because expenses are high, taxes are high, and wages, for the most part, are stagnant.

When I was a little kid, my father made very little money, but our house only cost $8,000 and the mortgage payments were very low. We had one used car and ate basic food, so we got by and my mother was home.

Now most working-class families, especially in the big cities, have to have two wage earners or they can't afford a home. Even my old house in Levittown is worth six figures today.

The simple, cold truth is that by taxing literally everything, the federal, state and local governments have forced people to turn away from their children in order to have enough money to live in a good neighborhood and send them to college.

Of course, daycare kids are going to be more aggressive. They are competing for attention and playthings all the time. Daycare is also a bacteria pool and many kids are sick much more than they should be.

No caregiver, no matter how good, can give a child the love and attention of a caring mother, so why doesn't our government understand that? Why the across-the-board punitive taxation? And why do Americans allow it?

Bill Clinton's mantra was, "We must help the children." How many times did we hear that? Yet Mr. Clinton's educational policies were a disaster, and he succeeded in raising taxes to their highest level since World War II.

Yet when his tax acolyte Al Gore ran for president, he got a half-million more votes than President Bush, a tax cutter. So how many parents who send their kids to daycare voted for Mr. Gore? It's safe to say that millions did.

Lowering taxes on all levels would keep more kids out of daycare period. All this bunk about the future of our children is dishonest garbage, when taxation is forcing mothers to work. It is time to get angry about this for the sake for the children.

And that's the memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

On yesterday's Factor, Congressman Maurice Hinchey agreed with me and said all Americans have a right to know with Hillary Clinton's North Africa trip for spring break cost. And he said he would help us find out.

Well, it seems nobody can help. The only people who have the information that we know of are the Clintons themselves. And they are hiding behind the Presidential Records Act that they say they don't have to account for anything for five years.

Now I didn't know Hilary was president. But I'm not surprised. The whole thing is ridiculous. And when I get back from vacation a week from Monday, we will take this to the limit. And, of course, we will keep you posted.

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