Talking Points: Good & Evil

Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly, reporting from Oakland, California.  Thanks for watching us tonight. 

President Bush calls them evildoers, the terrorists who are attacking America.  That description is being scoffed at by some who aspire to a higher intellectual plain.  But Mr. Bush is right. 

Good and evil is the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.

Today, my new book, The No Spin Zone goes on sale all across the country.  As this advertisement in The New York Times says, "The No Spin Zone is a strong defense of the commonsense values that have made America great, values that are now under attack by evil people."

Contrary to what some moral relativists think, there is evil in the world, and sometimes people commit evil acts even though they themselves are not inherently bad.  We're seeing that with these anthrax hoaxes.  People doing those kinds of things are committing very evil acts.  They must be harshly punished even if they're emotionally unstable. 

The No Spin Zone book documents how evil in America has hidden behind the First Amendment.  It describes how political correctness and apathy has made it easier for evil to erode America's strength. 

As always, The Zone lays out my arguments and presents counter-arguments by intelligent people so you can decide who's right. 

For the past 20 years, the trend in the USA has been to accept amoral behavior and make excuses for it.  The No Spin Zone rejects that and challenges a powerful people who allow immorality to prosper. 

Hello, Bill Clinton and Jesse Jackson. 

But The No Spin Zone book is not ideological.  It's a strategy to combat evil and the misguided thinking that condones it.  The book is not gentle, but every kid in America should read it. 

President Bush sees the world in a rather uncomplicated way.  So do I.  America is now under attack.  We, the people, must band together to defeat that attack.  We must be strong, fearless and determined.  And we must have a clear view of the mistakes our country has made by being far too accepting of destructive behavior. 

The O'Reilly Factor book stunned me and just about everybody else by selling more than a million copies. The No Spin Zone book is different, and I have no idea how it will do.  But I'm proud of it and sincerely hope you'll find it worthy.  And that's the memo. 

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day." 

As everybody knows, security is tight all over the country, and sometimes it gets to be ridiculous.  Singer Bob Dylan was supposed to perform in Oregon the other night, but when he showed up backstage, he didn't have any ID.  Guess what?  They wouldn't let him into his own concert.

After some tense negotiations, Mr. Dylan was finally allowed to take the stage, but he was none too happy about it, suggesting perhaps some firings may be blowing in the wind.  Oh, man.

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