Talking Points: Causing Trouble Again

Well, your humble correspondent is again causing trouble from coast- to-coast.  I just don't know how these things happen, but that's the  subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.

In my syndicated newspaper column this week, I accused the elite media  of classism in the Chandra Levy case.  Basically, my thesis is that if  Chelsea Clinton or the Bush twins or any other daughter of a rich or famous  person were involved with a U.S. congressman, the elite media would be all  over the story.  But because Chandra Levy is the daughter of an everyday  American family, we have a reticence on the part of some of the big  national news outfits in covering this situation.

Once again, this is not a story about sex or violence.  We simply  don't know what happened to Chandra or why it happened.  And to speculate  is irresponsible, but we do know that a powerful congressman did not help  an American family in need.  And that is a huge story if you care about  American families.

Now I do agree that some news outlets have gone way over the top with  the story.  All Chandra, all the time may get you a little ratings spike,  but it's unnecessary and foolish in my opinion.

The Factor reports on what has happened, not what may happen.  We do  one or two reports a night and then go onto other stuff.  But to ignore the  story entirely is perplexing.  No powerful politician should ever be  allowed by the media to abuse a constituent, ever.  The press has been  afforded great protection under the Constitution for the express purpose of  looking out for  regular Americans.

Unfortunately, some in the press have forgotten that mandate.  Right  now, there's a growing movement in Washington for Gary Condit to resign.   "Talking Points" is proud to have been one of the first to demand that.   But what "Points" can't figure out is why everybody isn't demanding it.

I mean, what does it take in this country before bad behavior is  condemned?  And certainly, Gary Condit is guilty of bad behavior.  Once  again, we are seeing classism at work in the media and in Washington.  The  powerful protect each other and the elite media often ignore the pain and  suffering of the powerless.  That combination leads to corruption and  abuse.  And that combination is in play in the Condit-Levy matter.  And  that's the memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."   Kimberly Miller and David Liebowitz are getting married underwater, way  underwater.  They're taking a submarine down to the wreckage of the  "Titanic" so they can recreate the love scene from the movie.  Now, whether  the couple can act as badly as Leo and Kate did is open to question, but if  they can, it might be ridiculous.

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