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June 2001

6/28: First, Do No Harm

6/27: Jesse Jackson

6/26: A Decision We Won't Be Allowed to Make

6/25: Back From Vacation

6/15: The Big Squeeze

6/14: The Denigration of George W. Bush

6/13: Save Our Schools

6/12: Putting Country Before Self

6/11: Good Riddance

6/6: Forgetting Your Roots

6/5: Clinton-Gore Revisited

6/4: Demonizing President Bush

6/1: Underage Drinking in Focus

May 2001

5/31: Modern-Day Robin Hood?

5/30: Politics and the Public Good

5/29: All Eyes on McCain

5/24: What's In and What's Out

5/23: Trouble on the Border

5/22: Getting too Cozy?

5/21: Keeping Tabs on Jesse Jackson

5/18: Is Friends sending the Wrong Message?

5/17: Straight Talk on America's Energy Crunch

5/16: Justice Served

5/15: Where are America's Black Leaders

5/14: The FBI's Wall of Secrecy

5/10: Of All the Nerve!

5/9: America's Energy Drought

5/8: Up, Up and Away

5/7: Parents Need a Time Out

5/4: Will Freeh Face the Music?

5/3: Don't Let Your Ideology Hold You Prisoner

5/2: Asleep at the Switch?

5/1: Who Am I to Judge?

April 2001

4/30: Why Hasn't Jesse Been Audited?

4/19: High Taxes are Hurting Children

4/18: Where's the Accountability?

4/17: Stop the Education Cop Out!

4/16: Read it and Weep

4/11: The China Solution

4/10: Jackson Should Stay Home

4/9: Making it Harder for the Working Class

4/6: Will the Standoff Hurt Bush?

4/5: Straight Talk on China

4/4: Bush Wins Florida, Again

4/3: Powerful Protection

4/2: Equal Justice for All?

March, 2001

3/30: Scoring Big with the Press

3/29: Campaign Finance Reform Matters

3/28: Jesse Jackson's Books