Talking Points: America's Drug War

A  large and diverse reaction to our extended segment on the drug war.  And  that's the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.

We in America are making two enormous mistakes regarding the drug  problem.  First, society is much too accepting of intoxication in general.   And I'm not talking morals here.  I'm talking responsibility.

Jesse Brooks, who lives in San Rafael, California writes: "Most people use drugs because they like to get high.  It is not for anyone to judge these people."  Mr. Brooks, I believe speaks for millions of Americans who  simply don't mind that our culture is awash in chemicals, alcohol,  prescription drugs, and street dope.  But let's get micro about this.

If your child becomes chemically dependent, that child will never be  the same.  His or her innocence is gone forever.  And even with rehab,  something dies within the person.  Ask any recovering substance abuser.   So, society has an obligation to keep intoxicants away from kids.  That is  why drug legalization is folly because another damaging legal substance is  the last thing children need to deal with.  Just look at how many kids  smoke cigarettes and drink.  We've done a great job controlling that,  haven't we?

The other societal point is that all forms of intoxication have consequences.  Talking Points could not care less if someone wants to get  blasted in private.  But when intoxication impacts on others, then Points cares.

Do you have any idea how many American children have been brutalized  by intoxicated adults?  How many people who have been killed by intoxicated  drivers?  How many billions of tax dollars have been wasted sending welfare checks to addicts who can't hold jobs and use the money to buy drugs or  alcohol, ignoring their kids' needs?  And we don't have a right to judge this kind of behavior?  Come on.

As for the government, that's a sad shell game.  The powerful in  Washington can simply allow drugs to flow into the country.  Period.  Once  in a while, the authorities will luck out and bust a shipment, but 95 percent of the dope gets in.

A couple of years ago, the House passed a resolution that would have put the military on the southern border with Mexico, but the Senate killed  it.  Why?  Politics, that's why.  Once again, the powerful are not looking out for your kids, they're holding their fingers to the wind, thinking about who they will offend with bold action.

It's the same with confined mandatory drug rehab for addicted  criminals.  The powerful know that works.  They simply will not do it to appease the civil liberties crowd.

The entire drug situation is a disgrace from top to bottom.  There are ways to deal with this massive problem, but our leaders simply don't have  the guts.  I pray your child never gets involved with substance abuse.  But if it happens, know that no one in power really cares.  You and your family are pretty much on your own.  And that's the memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for the "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."  It's is hot all  over America.  And Spokane, Washington, has had its share of heat this  summer.  So this moose did what a lot of people are doing.  He took a dip  in Randy Longmeier's pool. 

The moose was obviously in heat.  Look at that breast stroke there.   Hey, he needed to cool down.  And what better way to do that than the pool?

After he was finished, he hopped out.  There he goes.  Toweled off and  headed back to the forest. 

All right, I made the toweled off part up.  That would be ridiculous,  but the rest is true.  Please.

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