You know, every time I criticize this stimulus package, I invariably hear from folks who say I'm not fair. Folks like Allison Kims in New York City:

"Hey, Cavuto," she writes. "I don't remember you jumping ugly on Republicans when they were spending like crazy."

Well, Allison, then you weren't watching.

You really think I take only Democrats to task on this issue? Please take a look at this then.

All of the guests are Republicans — only Republicans — all Republicans — all here.

Bottom line: I'm not red or blue on this stuff. I'm green. Looking out for your green. All of our green. All of our money, wasted time and again by politicians who insist they have our interests at heart.

I call 'em as I see 'em, folks. That's ticked off Democrats and Republicans alike.

I do have an agenda. In a word: you.

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