Taking Cheap Shots at Jesus

You wanna make a quick buck? Take a cheap shot at Jesus.

Just ask Dan Brown. Just ask Madonna. Both have built careers on tearing Jesus down, even as they make outlandish stuff up!

I'm not here to refute "The Da Vinci Code" point by point; just to make this point: Jesus, a good man, and for many, a good Savior, is good material for writers who can't bother with the truth. And aging rock stars who can't handle the truth.

In an age we like to shock to score, going after Jesus, gosh, even thinking you "are" Jesus, is the Hail Mary of financial touchdowns.

It gets people talking, and marching, and protesting. But it keeps otherwise insipid movies alive, and pointless careers afloat. They thrive not on the brilliance of their points, but the controversy of their actions.

Leave it to man these days to think he is remotely capable of judging perhaps the greatest whoever walked this planet of all days. We are that arrogant. That dismissive. That revolting. But mostly that hypocritical. Cautiously avoiding offending Muslims over harmless cartoons of Muhammad, but thinking nothing of insulting Christianity by making a mockery of Jesus.

Going after Muhammad... sacrilege.

Dissing Christ... score.

There's no doubt trashing Jesus will create a buzz for your wallet.

I sometimes wonder whether all that rings hollow in something else: Your soul.

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