Taking Aim at the Pentagon

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The Pentagon can take on Saddam Hussein (search) and send him packing. But when the American Civil Liberties Union takes aim, Pentagon officials throw up their hands and cry uncle.

As you may have heard, the ACLU (search) filed a lawsuit against the Pentagon for sponsoring charters of Boy Scout and Cub Scout packs at military bases throughout the world. The ACLU claimed this was unconstitutional because “the Boy Scouts’ policy violates the religious liberty of youth who wish to participate but do not wish to swear a religious oath.”

Well, now the Pentagon has given in to the ACLU, sending alerts to military posts worldwide, warning them to keep Boy Scout troops and their dangerous religious oaths off base. Of course, the "religious oath" to which scouts are required to swear is merely the acknowledgment that there is a power higher than the scouts or the military or even the ACLU. But that's something the ACLU has always had a tough time accepting.

The ACLU's next big campaign is to cut off Pentagon support for the annual national Boy Scout Jamboree (search). And after that? Could the banishment of military chaplains from military bases be far behind? Stay tuned.

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