Eight write-in ballots that appeared to be filled in by the same person were found in one precinct during a citywide recount of the Nov. 8 municipal election.

The ballots, challenged by unsuccessful mayoral candidate Freman Hendrix, were examined Monday by the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, which found they appeared to have similar handwriting.

A total of about 15 ballots in the same east-side precinct are under suspicion, the Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News reported.

The official citywide tally certified by Detroit's Board of Canvassers showed incumbent Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick with 123,140 votes, or 53.1 percent, and Hendrix with 108,600 votes, or 46.9 percent.

Kilpatrick lawyer Melvin "Butch" Hollowell said the number of ballots in question is too small to affect the election results.

Votes in three other local races are also being recounted by hand. The county has 30 days to complete the process.