Tyson Foods Inc. employee who had just been suspended from his job opened fire inside the poultry processing plant, wounding a co-worker before police shot the gunman, officials said.

Officials did not release information early Thursday on the injuries or condition of either the victim or gunman but said both survived.

Tyson Spokesman Gary Mickelson said the worker had been escorted out of the plant earlier Wednesday night but reappeared a short time later with two guns.

"While we're still gathering details, we can tell you plant supervisors began evacuating 400 to 500 people from the plant after a worker was seen carrying two guns," Mickelson said. He said the worker fired shots and wounded a male employee.

A plant employee told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that the worker had a pistol in each hand and was looking for one employee in particular.

"He shot behind me and beside me," Shuntae Kye told the newspaper. "He had two guns in his hands, and he was walking through the plant shooting."

Kye said employees scattered, trying to hide or get out.

Arkansas State Police spokesman Bill Sadler said the gunman had been shot by a law officer.

Tyson Foods, the world's largest meat producer, is based at Springdale.