Surviving the D.C. Deluge

Hi everyone:

Wow — what a week in your nation's capital. We experienced 12 inches of rain over two days. Some experts say this might have been what they call a 200-year rain. There were jokes in my neighborhood that it was time to start building an ark.

The deluge came on what are now my new days off — Monday and Tuesday — so I did not have to endure the nightmarish traffic that many of my colleagues faced. Traffic is bad on a perfect day in the greater D.C. area. Three drops of rain and it becomes ridiculous. You can only imagine what happens here when it rains buckets.

At my house, the heavy rains resulted in a power failure. Oh, the horror of it all!

No TV, no computers, no Internet and — most importantly — no morning coffee. It was a reminder of what it must have been like to live in the pre-Edison era — that was until I dragged out the small generator I keep in the garage. Five gallons of gasoline and a few well-placed extension cords and I was back in business ... sort of.

You see, you have to pick and choose which electrical devices are most important. First priority was the basement sump pump, followed by the refrigerator. Then the selection process became more difficult. What should I do with the remaining electrical power at my disposal? I went for entertainment. I plugged in one TV and one satellite receiver (no surround sound sadly, sacrifices must be made at times like these).

As soon as I got the TV plugged into my makeshift power grid, I quickly learned the inconveniences I experienced were minor in comparison to the many people who were dealing with evacuations, flooded basements and lost belongings. I quickly settled into a morning of watching the rain and considering my blessings. One of the blessings I considered, however, was my Onan generator.


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