Surrender Privacy or Your Life?

I don't know if we'll get all the London bombers, but I suspect we will, and when we do, I suspect camera images of them will be the reason.

Camera images everywhere. Because apparently cameras were and are everywhere: outside subway stations, inside subway stations, outside coffee shops, malls, theaters and yes, oddly, outside video camera stores.

I read somewhere that London has more cameras watching more people than any major city on earth.

Now, people who value privacy don't much value these cameras. People who value their lives don't much make a fuss of it.

It's the moral juggling act of our times. You surrender some privacy or you surrender your life.

I don't like living with cameras snooping on me, but do like cameras snooping on guys out to kill me.

Thanks to cameras everywhere, British authorities seem to be scooping up bad guys everywhere — half a dozen this past week alone, including potential ringleader Yasin Omar (search) Wednesday.

I know there's a risk Big Brother takes away big liberties. But I wouldn't bet my life on it, maybe because my life could depend on it.

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