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On today's blog I have posted a number of pictures from Aruba (search) — where our show still is. We should rent out our D.C. studio since we rarely seem to be there!

One picture that you might find particularly interesting if you wonder how we can actually get our show from Aruba to your television is a shot of a satellite dish. We actually move a satellite dish (or what looks like a satellite dish to me) to locations to help transmit us from here. I have posted a picture of the satellite dish (we rent space at the hotel to set up) and you can see in the background a satellite dish owned by NBC. What is amazing to me is the person who is in charge of moving it and setting it up. It does not look like an easy task to me. It must be packed and it is put on planes as "excess baggage." I was told that FOX News has paid — more than once — as much as $23,000 for this excess baggage (I don't know if this is true or if I was being teased!) I was told it cost $1,800 "excess baggage" to Aruba. The person who sets it up has traveled the world with this satellite dish — places like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. He seems like a gypsy with a satellite dish to me!

There is also a picture of the inside of my hotel room with Natalee Holloway's (search) mother. After we did our "surprise" visit to the home of the Dutch teen, we went back to my room to regroup. Natalee's mother is the one sitting on the floor in the picture. By the way, I admire Natalee's mother. She is one determined woman! Of course I meet many amazing people — including people like Sharon Rocha (search) — people who never wanted to be heroes or role models but who were thrust into that position by some ugly event.

Yesterday I planned on spending the day with Natalee's mother in order to figure out how she spends her days searching in this foreign country. We ended up spending 90 minutes in the home of the Dutch teen with his parents so I did not get the chance to spend the day searching. Today the plan is to spend the day with Natalee's mother... let's see if the plan is carried out. I am to meet her at 9 a.m. at her hotel (incidentally, she is staying in the same room Natalee was staying in when she vanished.) As an aside, I hope to blog more details about the meeting with Natalee's mother and the Dutch teen's parents in the near future.

Here are some of your e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

I watch you every night (great show) and have noticed that everyone in the world is taller (and bigger) than you. How tall are you anyway?
Kenda Shultz
Canby, OR

ANSWER: There is how tall I would like to be... and how tall I am! I am 5 foot 3... everyone is always surprised to see how short I am... I must appear like a 9-foot monster on the air. One of the funniest moments was when I met Barbara Walters... she said, "You are so little!" It was funny since I have 1/2 an inch on her! I politely said yes.

E-mail No. 2

I have reluctantly decided to quit watching your program while it is oversaturated with the coverage of the Holloway/Twitty family. Enough is enough. You and the mother at the gate of the suspect's home was ridiculous. Have you ever considered a job with the Enquirer? You have sunk to that level.
You're an attorney... surely you know that the police aren't obligated to tell the family every little detail. It's too bad her mother didn't take such an interest in her before the trip. At least her father has some class and dignity to not want his face on the television every time there's a camera around. And let's not forget "Jug" either. There is an old saying that class shows... well, lack of it shows, too. An example is "Jug" and his wife.
I hate to be the one to tell you this but there is other news going on in the world and this country. There are even crimes that aren't solved in three weeks even though Ms. Twitty feels that this one should be. She should check the crime stats in Alabama.
I know it's more fun to go to an exotic island. When a friend of mine saw you show up there, on television, she said Greta's not stupid. And said she wished she could get a comp trip in her work. Remember Dylan and Shasta? I wish that while you're there soaking up the island life and sucking up to the Twittys you might give those two kids some coverage. Maybe Idaho isn't as interesting or fun to visit. Or maybe it's an example of the fickle nature of the media... move on to something bigger and a newer story.
I'm glad Sharon Rocha knew how to conduct herself during her daughter's tragedy. Twitty could take some lessons from her. Any sympathy I had for her is totally gone and I don't believe I'm necessarily in the minority.
I'm disappointed in you Greta... I thought you were a news professional.
Paula Hayes

ANSWER: I am curious... does your friend think we are floating on rafts in the ocean? Or driving around in punishing heat (with broken air conditioner), little time to eat, on no sleep trying to help find a young woman and bring the news back home?

E-mail No. 3

Hi Greta,
I just want to say that I genuinely love your show 99 percent of the time, however, I'm a bit offended by one aspect of your coverage of the Holloway case. It seems a little insensitive to me that your "GretaPix" include pictures of your staff posing for pictures by flexing their muscles and showing their "bureau" and "junk food" their eating. I'm sorry to complain, but this seems a little inappropriate given the seriousness of this disappearance. The fun pictures may fit better in a more light-hearted story.
Tyler, TX

ANSWER: Stephanie, I share your concern for finding this child. The picture was totally my doing — I am the one who posted it. The picture itself was spontaneous. I assure you we — especially the crew — work very hard. They work around the clock and the heat is tough for them (the set is not in A/C.) The momentary pose was just a light moment in days of tough work. One thing you may not realize is that we in Aruba — especially the crew — get close to the family and feel the pain (not as much as the family 24/7). So three seconds of levity should be allowed. I even shared a few moments of levity with Natalee's mother yesterday. She was in my hotel room and I said, "viewers are still saying I don't pronounce 'Holloway' correctly." She laughed and had me do it a few times in front of her to see what my problem may be. Her good friend who was there said I need a good southern accent. So, even a desperate, tortured mother can have five seconds of levity. Frankly, I think she needs it and I am happy to try and lighten her load. Her life is very, very, very, very difficult — as is the life of the many other parents with missing children.

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