Surf's Up

So I'm covering this G-7 (search) financial ministers pow-wow in Florida and I've come to this conclusion: They like Florida.

They like the weather.

They like the golf.

They like the sun.

But, they don't like the work. So they don't work.

Sometimes, I wonder why these guys just don't say it upfront, "We have no intention of getting work done. But hell, you can't beat Boca Raton in February. So we're there!"

The trick with holding conferences in Florida is to make it look like you're getting something done in Florida.

They print out fancy agendas, even hold meetings. And truth be told, when they all wrapped things up, they even printed a mission statement. It made the stuff we get out of Alan Greenspan look clear!

Ostensibly the money guys behind the world's seven richest countries agreed in the vaguest of terms to watch the slipping dollar. That's like me saying I'm going to watch my weight.

Good luck doing something about it!

After all, unless I actually cut back on the cannolis, rather than say I'm going to cut back on the cannolis, those cannolis are going to be the death of me.

Just like a tumbling dollar could prove the death of these European guys. It's killing their companies and killing their trade.

But apparently it's tougher for these guys to actually do something about the buck than it is for me to actually walk up to a salad bar.

So they pass the buck. Just like I pass the salad bar.

The only difference is, when I break my word, I get fat. When they break theirs, they get a free trip.

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