Support Our Troops Overseas

Support our troops, especially our National Guard (search) and U.S. Reserve (search).

The troops themselves are in the line of fire, concentrating on their jobs and on staying alive. But a further problem — one that probably distracts and angers many — is that Reservist wives and husbands and kids have been left at home to fend for themselves.

Some of them have to deal with the reality that the deployed soldier's civilian job often paid him or her much more than they are being paid for their military service, thus leaving a wife or husband at home dealing with mortgage payments, car payments and everything else on much less than they need to keep going.

This seems inherently unfair. These are the people doing the heavy lifting in the war, and their families shouldn't be made to suffer for their patriotism and their sense of duty.

I believe Americans would contribute to a fund that could be used to help struggling families on the home front, and I believe Americans would pressure their Congress people for governmental help.

I don't think Americans will turn their backs on these young men and women who are serving long tours in hostile territory.

So somebody tell me... is there a Reservist family fund one can contribute to? Is there a USO agency? Is there anybody out there trying to mobilize some help for the families who wait at home for the breadwinner to return from serving his or her country?

Send me the answer to that question.

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