Super Bowl Dolls for Sale on EBay

If you missed Janet Jackson's (search) busty Super Bowl stunt, no worries. You can now buy a doll with the same "wardrobe malfunction" on eBay.

For sale on the auction Web site is a Barbie-sized version of Jackson, complete with one nearly bare breast. She is accompanied by a doll of her dance partner Justin Timberlake (search), holding a piece of her ripped-off bodice in his little plastic hand.

Bidding began at $49.99 and was up to $112.50 Wednesday morning.

The dolls were designed by 24-year-old Canadian artist Siobhan Sawatsky (search), who talked to E! Online about her masterpieces.

"The dolls actually took only a couple of evenings to create," E! Online quoted Sawatsky as saying in an e-mailed interview. "However, if I had known they were going to create such a hype, I would have spent more time on them and paid more attention to detail."

The doll-maker told the Web site she didn't watch the Super Bowl. But there was enough post-game coverage of the breast-baring incident to allow her to be very detail-oriented.

The plastic Ms. Jackson has a leather bustier and gold-sun nipple-covering similar to those her human counterpart was wearing in the infamous halftime show. The Timberlake doll sports a leather jacket and a five o'clock shadow.

Sawatsky's plastic pair weren't the only eBay dolls mimicking the Super Bowl halftime act. Another doll of Jackson, complete with outfit and nipple shield, was on the block with a starting bid of $99.

Sawatsky told E! Online she thought the breast-baring brouhaha was a little over the top.

"I have to admit that the whole incident was quite humorous," E! Online quoted her as saying. "It is amazing how something so minor can be blown completely out of proportion and become such a national event."

Jackson, who has skipped several televised events, including the Grammys, since the incident, will host and perform on "Saturday Night Live" April 12 in her first live TV appearance since the Super Bowl.