Sunday, January 2 Edition

The devastation in Southeast Asia is almost impossible to comprehend. But the worst may be yet to come as survivors start to battle hunger and disease.

Amid pleas for help come cries that the West isn't doing enough. President Bush has stepped up and offered millions of dollars of U.S. aid. But is it enough? We'll ask the United Nations's point-man for emergency relief, Jan Egeland (search), U.N. Emergency Relief coordinator.

Plus, a spike in violence in Iraq leaves some Iraqi officials calling for a delay in that country's first elections. Is the war-torn nation still too unstable to hold elections? Sens. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., and Carl Levin, D-Mich., weigh in.

And, do the tsunamis present a chance for U.S. outreach to the Muslim world? We'll debate it with our panel of FOX News contributors Bill Sammon of The Washington Times; Ceci Connolly of The Washington Post; syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer and Juan Williams of National Public Radio.

All of that plus, our Power Player of the Week is a treasure trove of national artifacts.