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Wednesday on “DaySide”

As always, we'll be on top of the breaking news stories of the day. In addition, we're covering some controversies.

One is a series of threats against a moderate Muslim group here in the U.S. called Muslim Islamic extremists have hacked the group's website, calling them "perverts" and other things for daring to call for peace and tolerance in their religion. Unbelievable. The hackers have issued what they say is their "final warning" to these moderates — to stop criticizing Islamic radicals and shut up about tolerance or else.

On a very different topic, there are two different lawsuits that have been filed against Wal-Mart (search), and I'd like to know whether you think they have merit. One is in Dallas. Here's part of an AP article with a summary of the case:

The other lawsuit against Wal-Mart comes from Maryland. Here's a portion of a Christian Science Monitor (search) article about that case:

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