Suing America When You Shouldn't Be Here

Only in America can those who shouldn't even be in America sue America.

The very laws that define us as citizens used against us by those who are not citizens.

I'm sorry, all the legal mumbo-jumbo in the world cannot escape the basic fact that a town like Danbury, Connecticut is doing something illegal, trying to do something about illegals.

I've heard the best defense is a good offense, but come on!

So Danbury is breaking the law, trying to apprehend those who are breaking the law?

We're losing it, guys.

We're losing our rights.

We're losing our constitution.

We're losing what makes us, us.

And providing rights to those who have no rights.

And you know what?

It stinks.

It stinks because I think Danbury's going to lose this. Not because it's wrong, it isn't. But because some double-speaking lawyer is going to make her clients seem even more wronged.

I'll tell you what's wrong.

Their being here in the first place.


They have our number, and they have our own lawyers giving them our money.

I see a pattern. Providing licenses to illegals in cars they shouldn't drive to jobs they
shouldn't have...demanding health benefits for kids who shouldn't even be here.

We are a kind and compassionate country that welcomes one and all.

A great melting pot.

And now, a great melting crack pot as well.

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