Study: Girls’ Taste Buds Superior to Boys’

Girls have better taste buds than boys, according to a study conducted by the Danish Science Communication and the University of Copenhagen, reported.

The study, which included nearly 9,000 Danish children, found girls were better at recognizing concentrations of sweet and sour tastes.

Boys need about 20 percent more sweetness and 10 percent more sourness in order to recognize the taste, the study found.

“We also asked the pupils to count ‘taste buds’ or organs of taste on the tongue,” said Michael Born Frost, associate professor at the department of food science at the University of Copenhagen. “So it would appear that what makes the difference is the way in which boys and girls process taste impressions.”

The study also discovered that 1 in 3 school-aged children prefers drinks without sugar.

However, boys do have a sweeter tooth than girls, the study found.

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