Stress of Bullying Causes Girl, 14, to Go Bald

A British teen claims the stress of being bullied at school caused all of her hair to fall out, the Daily News reported.

After three years of being verbally abused, punched and even having her hair set on fire at school, Faith Hawley, 14, was diagnosed with alopecia, a hair loss condition that can be triggered by a number of things including illness, exposure to certain chemicals and stress.

Hawley's doctors believe her hair loss was directly triggered by the stress of being bullied, according to the report.

Hawley, from Gateshead, in Tyneside, England, also suffered weight loss, an upset stomach, anxiety and fatigue due to the stress.

"Sometimes when I walked to school, I would try to walk really slowly so I didn't bump into any of the people who were bullying me," she told the Daily Mail. "At break times I wouldn't go out. I would just sit in the library."

The teen is receiving steroid injections to stimulate hair growth and for now is wearing a wig made entirely of human hair.

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